GETZanzibar – Final Week!

A week goes by fast.  It goes by even faster when you are working with intelligent dedicated students!  After only one week of class they have created a beautiful play about their lives and community.  We are thrilled with their creativity, honesty, and burgeoning command of the English language.  With another week of work ahead of us, we are sure to have not only a beautifully written script, but also an artfully directed and performed play.

At the end of next week our students will perform for an audience of schoolmates, teachers, family and friends.  We are expecting guests from Zanzibar’s Rotary Club. We are also pleased to perform for a group of young people from the United Arab Emirates who are in Zanzibar building schools as part of a humanitarian project through the Emirates Foundation.

2011’s Students to perform at the Zanzibar International Film Festival!

GETheatre’s students will also be performing an excerpt of this year’s play during the closing ceremony of the Zanzibar International Film Festival’s Children’s Program.  We are thrilled to have the students of Kiembe Samaki share their stories with people from all over East Africa and around the world!

News from former GETheatre students:

We have been so lucky to see many of our former students this week.  Two students who participated in GETheatre’s 2008 & 2010 programs at Kiembe Samaki had particularly great news.  Zawadi has continued to write stories in English.  In 2010 her story about a young girl named Shida — who lost her parents to AIDS — was a part of the final performance.  She has continued to write stories about Shida and hopes to make a movie.  Seif, who also performed in 2008 & 2010, did not pass his form 4 exam initially and had to leave school.  After our workshop in 2010, Seif passed his exam and is now attending university!  We are so proud to share their accomplishments!

An excerpt from this year’s play:

We as people of Zanzibar…

…want to know English

…are very self-aware and work to empower our country

…have a lot of resources and we all share them…

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