“[GET] brought in such skill, knowledge and love of the theatre coupled with the ability to excite children… this workshop has left a mark in the minds of not just the children but the teacher community as well.” – Shukla Bose, Founder & CEO of The Parikrma Humanity Foundation

IMG_Girls on stageIn 2007, Program Director, Maya Turner Singh, spent six weeks at the Parikrma Humanity Foundation in Bangalore, India.

Parikrma is a non-profit school that works to narrow the achievement gap between students with access to private education and students living in the city’s poorest slums.

While there she conducted daily after school theatre programming and worked to expand the students’ creative thinking, expressive skills and creative exploration.

In January of 2011, GET returned to Parikrma with our signature workshops designed to help students access their voice and exercise their English language skills through the development of a collaboratively devised play.  After four days of highly structured and disciplined work, the students presented a powerful production comprised of their own stories, ideas, and experiences.

Since our inaugural GETIndia program in 2011, GET has now also partnered with TEACH FOR INDIA in Pune and The Akanksha Foundation in Mumbai.

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“I liked the whole [GET] workshop because I learned to speak boldly in front of an audience, which I did not have the confidence to do before.  I brought confidence to myself through this workshop.  I also learned to be more imaginative.  So thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this workshop.  Thank you so much for allowing me to show my talents.” – Santosh, Student at the Parikrma Centre for Learning
“I want this workshop to continue for the whole year!  We feel confident to speak before an audience. We improved our speaking and listening skills.  We liked the activities which they taught us; it helps us to cooperate with each other.” -Nithin, Student at the Parikrma Centre for Learning

Many thanks to our partners!
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