Mission Statement

Global Empowerment Theatre (GET) is an educational theatre organization empowering underserved young people around the globe. We provide a stage from which young voices, silenced by poverty and inequality, can be heard by peers, teachers, families, communities and the rest of the world. We use self-expression as a tool to educate, inspire and empower young people to transform their lives and positively impact our global community.

What we do

Children all over the world are silenced by poverty, gender discrimination, and inequality. We believe that all children should be heard. To that end, we use a blend of applied and educational theatre techniques to offer children in underserved communities the opportunity to share their voices and experiences, often for the first time.

Our aim is to address the complex struggles of children living in poverty, particularly girls, through empowering performances that focus community attention on their needs. Our goal is to foster community dialogue around these issues and promote positive, lasting change. We work with both boys and girls, but our focus is on overcoming barriers that prevent girls from being heard.

Our approach teaches boys to collaborate with girls to co-create an artistic product that equally represents their voices. This deepens boys understanding of the unique struggles of girls and shows boys how their actions and behaviors can contribute to these struggles or help mitigate them. We view the classroom as the front lines in the fight against the socialization of the attitudes and beliefs that underlie gender discrimination and often lead to violence against girls and women.

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What is Educational Theatre?

A student-centered style of learning that invites students to use improvisation and storytelling techniques to work through challenges affecting their lives within a safe, structured environment. Students and teacher move into an as-if world, using improvisation and role-play to work through an experience and reflect on it. Using role-play, students can envision resolving the challenges they face and creating positive change.

What is Applied Theatre?

Applied theatre uses drama as a medium for education and social development. It involves the use of theatre in a wide variety of non-traditional contexts and venues in teaching and community development.

A short film on GETheatre’s work featuring students in Zanzibar


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