Teaching Artists Program

Ashley leads her students in presentation.

Ashley leads her students in presentation.

The Teaching Artists Program includes focused, in-depth training both through classroom learning and through partnering with a GET Core Instructor to teach one of our student workshops.

There is an application, interview, and in-person group interview process. Potential candidates must send a cover letter, resume, and potential 20 minute lesson plan for one of our student workshop locations. If candidates meet requirements for the first round, they will be invited to interview with Core members of the GET team.

There are four steps to the Teaching Artists Program:

  • Step One: A one-day workshop where candidates will engage in some of GET’s signature activities used in teacher and student workshops.
  • Step Two: Two-day orientation and training. Includes review and practice in our teaching methods, as well as detailed guidelines for appropriate conduct in the community where the intern will be working.
  • Step Three: Two-week student workshop during which the intern will act as an assistant teacher for the GET Core Instructor and will write reflections in a daily journal.
  • Step Four: Detailed follow-up and assessment of the experience and performance of the intern. We share our observations and give feedback on their performance, review their written assignments, and discuss areas that need improvement as well as areas of strengths.

Finally, we discuss what opportunities might be available to them as part of the future of GET.

Teaching Artists will pay a fee of approximately $5000 to cover training, materials, airfare, hotel, local transportation, meals and select activities. Contact us for more information Info@GETheatre.org

Local Teacher Training

Whenever GET conducts a student workshop in a country there is a rigorous local-teacher-training component involved. Local teachers will be immersed in GET’s pedagogical approach and trained in a wide variety of GET’s activities that can be used across the curriculum.

The workshops will take local teachers through a five-step process wherein training and support go hand-in-hand.

  • Step One: Begins long-distance with a series of assignments to introduce local teachers to the work GET does and will be doing with them.
  • Step Two: GET’s instructors meet the local teachers and the hands-on, face to-face workshops are conducted between GET’s Core Instructors and the local teachers.
  • Step Three: Focuses on the process of integrating the workshop’s lessons into the local teachers’ practices, with local teachers conducting GET-inspired activities and lessons in their own local classrooms.
  • Step Four: Opens a long distance dialogue over the internet, a checking-in process over the period of one year. GET instructors will be in communication with local teachers, giving them both the opportunity to discuss and brainstorm new lessons and a forum to troubleshoot any potential problems that come up for them over the year during their process of attempting to assimilate our methods into their day-to-day, year-round practices.
  • Step Five: Places the local teachers once again face-to-face with GET’s instructors but this time a year of trial, error, and hopefully success, has passed. GET instructors will observe and evaluate a demo lesson by each of the local instructors offering feedback and ideas for extending the good work into the future.
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