“Kiembe Samaki Number One!”

Strong young women dressed in colorful Kangas and proud young men with contagious smiles line up in anticipation of their first performance of “Yes We Can!,” an original play they spent the past two weeks carefully crafting.  Before filing onto the stage the students explode into a joyful song, “Kiembe Samaki Number One!”

We are, we are the little stars.

We sing, we sing all over the mountain.

We don’t do much suffering, we are the best of the Somba Schools.

Go and tell your dear sister about our teachers.

Go and tell your dear brother about our students.

Go and tell your dear neighbors Kiembe Samaki number one!

Kiembe Samaki number one!

Written by one of the school’s young men, the song performed at last year’s workshop characterizes the pride and excitement that Kiembe Samaki’s students feel for education and for GETheatre’s workshops.

We are delighted to be returning to Kiembe Samaki this June for our fifth year of programming in Zanzibar.

Jennifer, Maya, and Ashley will be posting the latest news from our GETZanzibar workshop on our twitter and facebook accounts in addition to our website.  So stay tuned for updates!

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