Karibu tena Zanzibar!

Welcome again to Zanzibar!

We have arrived! We just came back from a busy morning of meetings at Kiembe Samaki Secondary School making preparations for our first day of the workshop. We saw many of our former students who were all very excited to see us and tell us about what they’ve accomplished since last year. Khadija, a student from our 2008 workshop, is now at University. Her sister, Asha, who participated in GETheatre’s workshop last year commented, “I want to learn with you again!” There is a vibrant energy amongst our students and we are happy to share in their enthusiasm!

Next week students will be telling stories about their lives to begin the process of creating their own play. It is an inspiring process and we are excited to share updates with you as things unfold! Kwaherini (goodbye) for now!

– Jennifer, Maya, & Ashley

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