We  piled into the dala dala (small bus) in front of the market at 8:00am on Monday.  The journey from Stonetown’s main market to Kiembe Samaki Secondary School is filled with anticipation this morning.  We are anxious to begin.  Climbing out of the dala dala in front of the school, we are greeted by Mwalimu (teacher) Ali – the head English teacher.  His warm smile is reassuring.  All of GETheatre’s hard work in the last year has been leading up to this moment – the first day with a class of new students.
The students filed into the classroom with lots of excitement and energy.  It was at once clear that they were willing, ready, and motivated to work.  By the end of our first day, eight small scenes were created. The students wrote scenes focusing on their favorite things about Zanzibar and all they hope to accomplish in their lives. The personalities of Kiembe Samaki’s form 3 & 4 students shone through their perseverance.
Today, each student brought in a story about a moment in their lives.  The class brought their fellow students’ stories to life, enacting each moment with dedication. Students took on the roles of family members, friends, and even cars on the road and trees in the jungle!  All delighted in seeing their words performed.  In only two short days the play is starting to emerge and the voices of the students are coming through.

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