GETheatre is pleased to announce our second annual partnership with The Parikrma Humanity Foundation.  Parikrma is a non-profit school in Bangalore, India that serves over 1,300 students from 53 slum communities around the city.

Last January 2011, GETheatre conducted a 4 day pilot workshop with 20 of Parikrma’s students from grades 8 and 9.  The students embraced GETheatre’s unique program and in those 4 days created a beautiful and poignant performance about their struggles, lives, and dreams for the future.  The pilot garnered such great response from the community that we are thrilled to return to Parikrma to run not one, but two full length workshops at two of Parikrma’s four learning centers in the city.

We hope to bring you many more exciting updates as we prepare to leave at the end of December and also from the field as we work with Parikrma’s eager student community.


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