GETheatre is excited to now be listed among the many distinguished charities on GiveBackAmerica.

GiveBackAmerica was founded by the efforts of a small group of friends who had the desire to help charity. Knowing the true American spirit is to give and help others in need, GBA recognized a unique way to do just that. With the growing popularity of online shopping, GBA recognized a great opportunity for people to literally “pay it forward”. When making a purchase online for something you need, why not help a charity in the process. Shopping through GBA or downloading the toolbar and shopping from one of GBA´s listed retailers is, and always will be, at NO EXTRA COST to the shopper. A significant part of the proceeds from the sale will go to your favorite charity. It is a wonderful way for charities to be able to raise money without having to directly ask supporters. GETheatre is privileged to partner with an organization who recognizes that individually we make a small difference but collectively we can change lives.

Start shopping for GETheatre now! Install GiveBackAmerica’s new fundraising toolbar and generate donations at no additional cost to you!

1.      Go to

2.      Click the Download Toolbar link

3.      Type in email address and password

4.      Choose GETheatre and install the toolbar

Toolbar compatible with IE & Firefox browsers

“Changing the Way America Gives, One Purchase at a Time”

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