At the beginning of each new year we look back reflecting on the past year and we look forward to the year ahead resolving to make better choices. We make a new year’s resolution, a promise to ourselves to be better. A new year is a new promise.  And we have a very promising year ahead of us.

GETheatre is beginning this new year in an exciting partnership with The Parikrma Humanity Foundation.  We have safely arrived in Bangalore and met with the founder of Parikrma, Shukla Bose, and her excellent team. We spoke with Shukla of our shared concern about issues of social justice, gender equality and the importance of building confidence through creative expression. It is exciting to find like-minded people who have resolved to make the world better place.

After our first day, we have observed that the excellent leadership at the school has galvanized the student population. Each child is excited to learn and showed great enthusiasm for the first day of GETheatre’s workshop. We are so impressed with the students’ passion for learning, physical creativity and support of each other’s work and ideas.

Our resolution this year is to expand our reach to more young people in developing nations to help them express their stories, learn through creative collaboration, and grow in confidence as citizens of the world.  We are preparing to tackle this resolution as an organization and as individual educators. GETheatre is expanding to two sites in Bangalore this winter, and we are planning our sixth year of programming in Zanzibar.

We wish you, our supporters and friends, a wonderful new year filled with opportunities to make better lives for youth around the world.  We look forward to sharing our progress over these next two weeks at Parikrma. May all of your new year’s resolutions come true!

John Socas
Founder & Director

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