In January 2012, GETheatre worked in partnership with The Parikrma Foundation in Bangalore, India.  Forty of Parikrma’s students at Sahakaranagar and Koramangala, two of the school’s centers for learning, participated in GETheatre’s intensive workshops. These students all worked diligently with GETheatre’s teaching artists to create collaborative performances articulating their views and concerns about their communities, and expressing their boundless creativity.  Carefully crafting scenes through a variety of theatrical and creative writing exercises, each site created a performance that uniquely expressed the worlds of these students.  The students in Sahakaranagar entitled their play Changing the World, while the students at Koramangala chose the title Be United.  The titles of their shows serve as true mirrors of their hope for the future. We are proud of the work they did, the stories they told, and how openly they embraced each other’s ideas. We are thrilled about this year’s successful expansion to two of Parikrma’s schools. We look forward to a long and continuing partnership with Parikrma’s students, teachers, and administration.

“[GETheatre] brought in such skill, knowledge and love of the theatre coupled with the ability to excite children… this workshop has left a mark in the minds of not just the children but the teacher community as well.” – Shukla Bose, Founder & CEO of The Parikrma Humanity Foundation

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