GETheatre teaching artist intern and administrative assistant, Taren Hastings, reflects on her first experience working with students in Zanzibar:

The students have worked really hard to put their play together. They’ve spent a little over a week writing stories about their home, lives, issues in the community, and problems at school. We’re learning so much about Zanzibari culture and what it means to grow up in East Africa. I can now relate to some of the student stories about the crowded dala dala rides in the morning or the welcomed cool breeze after spending most of the day in the heat. The students share the highs and lows of their lives freely and creatively. Though I can’t relate to all of their experiences, I’m honored that they are willing to share their stories and talents. Like many teens all over the world, they’ve experienced suffering but they also have a lot to celebrate. We are so very proud of their work. The performance is going to be such a beautiful experience for everyone.

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