Taren Hastings, who has been interning with GETheatre for over a year, has recently been promoted to Teaching Artist/Administrative Assistant!  Taren’s energy and enthusiasm have proven to be invaluable to our team and we are happy to welcome her as a full time member of the GETheatre family.  Read some of Taren’s reflections on working with GETheatre this last year:


This last year and a half with GETheatre has been a whirlwind. Not only have I been able to witness the launch of the website and its hugely successful launch party but as an intern and administrative assistant I’ve been able to support fundraising efforts and strategic planning and witness a lot of growth within the company. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Africa for the first time of my life and be a part of GET’s first experience running a program without its founders. Ashley Olson, the Director of Education & Outreach led fellow intern Yosefa Forma and I in Zanzibar as we worked with students at Kiembe Samaki, the school that I heard so much about from the staff. I am proud to report that GETZanzibar 2012 was another success. Jen and John have a solid vision for GET and the staff and students are benefitting from their ability to keep the program’s growth in proper perspective. I’m very thankful that I finally got a chance to participate in the work that I’ve been supporting behind the scenes. My experiences with GETheatre have changed my outlook on what it means to be a part of a community and what it means to be a teacher.

– Taren Hastings

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