People often ask, “Why educate these children when there are so many who need education here in America?”  Or “There are so many children that need help, how can you possibly help them all?”  These are valid questions with a valid answer.  It’s not a numbers game.  Unfortunately there is no shortage of people and places in the world that are struggling, and most of them are children.  And no, we can’t help them all.  But being unable to solve the world’s problems with the quick snap of a finger doesn’t mean we stop trying.  The future of our world is our youth.  So reaching any child, even one, makes a significant impact in the future of our world.

Shukla Bose, the founder of The Parikrma Humanity Foundation (GETheatre’s India partner), met that same question when she set out to make a difference in her community back in 2003.  In this TED India talk Shukla describes the experience of starting the first Parikrma school in Bangalore’s slums and taking it one child at a time.  At GETheatre we are also setting out to focus on each individual student.  We can make a significant impact by teaching the individual.


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