About one year ago I was offered a job to start a primary school program at a small, non-profit school in Zanzibar. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to start something all my own based on the educational principles in which I believe. Even more exciting was the fact that this opportunity would allow me to make a home in Zanzibar, a place I fell in love with during my first trip with GETheatre in 2010.

I envisioned a primary school program that revolved around cooperative learning, individualized instruction, and arts integration. My plans were well received by parents and I worked hard to make my vision a reality. I started in July with just 4 students and by December there were 9 in my tiny classroom, and we started construction on a new building for the primary program. Enrollment in the nursery/preschool program also increased.

As often happens in this type of independent, international work my job turned out to be so much more than I had anticipated. I moved to Zanzibar to start a primary program and teach but have found myself running the school. I have taken on the duties of accountant, school nurse, admissions, human resources, curriculum development, and, of course, teacher. The last nine months have been extremely challenging but equally rewarding. We now have 26 students enrolled in the school, both local and expatriate, from all over the world. Our school environment reflects the diversity, excitement, and creativity of our students and teachers. I could not be more proud of my thriving little school!

-Ashley Olson, GETheatre Core Member


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